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Knee Pain by Lee Wampler, PT

Knee pain and movement limitations are common; especially after an injury or with age.

Arthritis is one of the most common joint deterioration problems.  Your Doctors and Physical Therapists can teach you joint preservation techniques and effective exercises.  Further, if surgery is indicated; we provide a rehab program as well.

Try this strengthening exercise to strengthen the front thigh muscles (quadriceps): Lie on your back, opposite knee bent, and lift the involved leg up straight to the height of the opposite knee.  Make sure your involved leg is turned out some/point toes out.  Raise leg straight 10 times and do 3 sets.

The exercise above is one of many to properly strengthen the knee for support.  And, don’t forget to stretch the muscles of the leg too.  Again, your Physical Therapists can show you a thorough exercise program for stretching and strengthening.

The goal is joint preservation.  If surgery is needed (ie cartilage or meniscus repair; or joint replacement; etc.); our goal is to help restore pain free joint motion and return to full activity.

Lee Wampler - Virginia Director of Physical Therapy

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